About TFC


Special Advisors

In order to promote opportunities for intellectual exchange between participating researchers and the general public through the planning and hosting of events, the TFC invites special advisers to provide comprehensive advice to the activities of the TFC.

Tetsuro Higashi

Tetsuro Higashi

Former CEO
Tokyo Electron Limited

International Advisory Board

The International Advisory Board was established as an organization to evaluated the proposed thematic programs gathered from throughout the world, and to provide advice on the activities of the TFC.

Arjen Doelman

Director of Lorentz Center
Lorentz Center, International Center for workshops in the Sciences

Peter Gruss

Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University

Yuko Harayama

Emeritus Professor
Tohoku University

Mathias Kläui

Institute of Physics, Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz

Makoto Kobayashi

Honorary Professor Emeritus
High Energy Accelerator Research Organization

Toru Nakano

Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences, Osaka University

Takamitsu Sawa

Vice Director
International Institute for Advanced Studies