About TFC


Tohoku University established the Tohoku Forum for Creativity in 2013 as an international visitor research institute promoting research via its thematic programs and junior research programs. The Design Hub for our Future Society and the Research DX Support Center have been newly established within the Tohoku Forum for Creativity in November 2020.

At the Design Hub for our Future Society, an international community including outstanding researchers from Tohoku University and around the world work together to create visions through industry-academia collaborations. The hub aims to solve common social issues and to achieve research results intended for swift implementation into society.

The Research DX Support Center assists in data management tasks, such as remote data acquisition, high-speed data processing, and other data-driven technology. Data managers and data scientists will support the research community in responding to the ongoing digital transformation (DX).

Organizations & Activities

Tohoku Forum for Creativity, Organization for Research Promotion, Tohoku University

Tohoku Forum for Creativity Programs

  • Thematic Programs
  • Junior Research Programs
  • Emerging Perspectives Programs
  • Outreach Events

Design Hub for our Future Society

  Mathematical Science Unit

  • Global Academy-Industry Collaboration and Fostering of Young Generation
  • Mathematics Education for Industry Engineers

  Humanities and Social Sciences Unit

  • Future Society Design School from the Viewpoint of ELSI
  • Academy-Industry Collaboration Program

  Collaborative Innovation Unit

  • Forum for Innovative Social Design considering Society 5.0
  • Academy-Industry-Government Collaboration for Open Innovation

Research DX Support Center

  • Advanced Research DX Environment
  • DX Support by Data Scientists / Data Managers
Organization Guide [PDF: English] / [PDF: Japanese]