To prepare you for Falling Walls Lab Sendai, professional coach Atsuko Kohata will teach you how to introduce your research in an engaging way, as well as helping you individually to create and practice your presentations.

An effective "elevator pitch" is not only important for events like the Falling Walls Lab, but for many everyday situations in which you want to explain what you are working on, for example to potential employers or your grandparents.

Through the coaching you will learn how to present effectively to a general audience, even if you have no prior experience. The application for this coaching is separate from the Falling Walls Lab application, but we encourage you to sign up for both the coaching and the actual event!

Tentative schedule

June 30, 2021 Registration Deadline
July 2, 2021 (Friday) Initial Lecture on how to create an engaging presentation (online)
Throughout July 2021 Weekly Group sessions (4-5 participants each) where Atsuko Kohata will help you to improve your individual presentations (online)
July 31, 2021 (Saturday) Practice your presentation for the Falling Walls Lab on stage at the TOKYO ELECTRON House of Creativity on Tohoku University’s Katahira Campus (if the situation allows for an onsite event, otherwise online)

· There will be additional (optional) training sessions in August for those whose native language is not English!

· Online participation is possible!
  The coaching will also include sessions on how to create an engaging video presentation.


Participation is free, but the number of participants is limited.
We encourage you to take this opportunity to learn how to present on stage and online. Professional coaching like this is usually very expensive.

The coach

Atsuko Kohata

Atsuko Kohata is a TV presenter and a radio personality with nearly 30 years of experience.
She hosted many entertainment and English educational programs in Japan, but she is mostly known as a movie commentator on programs such as TBS "King's Brunch" (王様のブランチ).
Fluent in both Japanese and English, she has interviewed over 100 A-list Hollywood movie stars and countless other notable celebrities in entertainment.
While living in Los Angeles, she coached Japanese executives on public speaking in English.