Thematic Programs

Current and Upcoming Programs



Environmental and Financial Risks in Market–oriented Societies

Life is full of risks, and, in recent decades, we have confronted an unprecedented scale of natural disasters, environmental problems and financial crises, which have had devastating effects on people...

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POST 2011 Tohoku triple disaster: Lessons and their global application on multi-hazards and cascading disasters

This program will discuss the post 2011 strategy as a memorial event of the 2011 Great East Japan triple disasters (earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident) that pointed out the importance of mitigating...

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Quantum–Annealing–Based High–Performance Computing – Optimizing real–world systems

Large–scale combinatorial optimization problems are becoming ever more important in various fields such as disaster prevention, finance, logistics/traffic, medicine, or state–of–the–art technologies like...

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Constructing a healthy society: the road from an integrated biobank to the real world

Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization has already constructed the integrated biobank, which is consisted of biospecimen and information on cohort studies, genome information and metabolome...

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