Thematic Programs

Neuroimaging and its impact on our lives



July 28, 2015


Kobe International Conference Center, Room 501 + Lounge


Tohoku University holds a series of symposia “Frontiers of Brain Science” of which topics are “Tools & Technologies”, “Development & Disease”, and “Memory & Mind”. Just after the first symposium held in Sendai, this satellite symposium focusing on functional neuroimaging is held in Kobe.
In this satellite symposium, additional “tools and technologies” information will be presented regarding functional neuroimaging in humans and its clinical impact. Functional neuroimaging has been applied to a wide range of research themes, such as evaluation of drug effects and diagnosis of various neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders. In this symposium, cutting-edge lectures will be given with emphasis on clinical research of dementia and coma & “vegetative” state. These studies have a great impact on our daily lives, and may even lead us to reconsider our understanding of humanity.
Participants are welcome to continue discussion over drinks and light meals.

Invited Researcher

  • Steven Laureys (University and University Hospital of Liège, Belgium)

Time Schedule

18:30 – 21:30
Tools and Technologies for Human Functional Neuroimaging: Molecular Imaging of Drug Actions
Manabu Tashiro (Tohoku University)
PET Imaging of Misfolded Proteins in Alzheimer’s disease
Nobuyuki Okamura (Tohoku University)
How Can Science Explain Consciousness? Lessons from Coma and Severe Brain Injury
Steven Laureys (University and University Hospital of Liège, Belgium)


Manabu Tashiro
(Professor, Cyclotron and Radioisotope Center, Tohoku University)