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An-Pang Tsai Memorial Joint Symposium of Taipei Tech and Tohoku University


This symposium is organized collaboratively by Tohoku University (IMRAM, IMR, and TFC) and The Japan Institute of Metals and Materials.
It is also held as a part of the activities within TFC's Thematic Program 2019: Creating a New Frontier through the Synergy of Quasicrystals and Strongly Correlated Electron Systems.


November 24, 2019 – November 26, 2019


Sakura Hall, Katahira Campus, Tohoku University [Campus map]


Tohoku University


Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials, Tohoku University (IMRAM)
Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University (IMR)
Tohoku Forum for Creativity, Organization for Research Promotion, Tohoku University (TFC)
The Japan Institute of Metals and Materials


Eiji Abe (University of Tokyo)
Kiyoshi Aoki (Kitami Institute of Technology)
Jhewn-Kuang Chen (Taipei Tech)
Po-Chun Chen (Taipei Tech)
Te-Wei Chiu (Taipei Tech)
Hsu-Wei Fang (Taipei Tech)
Satoshi Kameoka (IMRAM, Tohoku University)
Chia-Chen Li (Taipei Tech)
Atsushi Muramatsu (IMRAM, Tohoku University)
Akio Niikura (UACJ Corporation)
Chikashi Nishimura (NIMS)
Noriaki Sato (Nagoya University)
Dan Shechtman (Israel Institute of Technology, 2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry)
Masahiko Takahashi (IMRAM, Tohoku University)
Shin Takeuchi (Tokyo University of Science)
Masami Terauchi (IMRAM, Tohoku University)
Sea-Fue Wang (Taipei Tech)
Chung-Kung Yang (Taipei Tech)

Registration  [Oct. 31, 2019 Updated]

An-Pang Tsai Memorial Joint Symposium of Taipei Tech and Tohoku University
[Date] November 24 - 26, 2019
[Deadline] November 15, 2019

An-Pang Tsai Memorial Ceremony
[Date] November 25, 2019
Memorial Ceremony: 16:30 - 18:00
Memorial Dinner: 18:00 - 19:30 *The dinner costs 5,000 JPY per person.
[Deadline] November 15, 2019

Time Schedule

Sunday, November 24, 2019
18:00 –
Pre-Conference Meeting and Reception (Closed, invited members only)
Monday, November 25, 2019 : Sakura Hall
08:30 –
Chair: Hiroyuki Fukuyama
09:00 – 09:20
Opening address
Atsushi Muramatsu (Director, IMRAM, Tohoku University)
Sea-Fue Wang (President, Taipei Tech)
Chair: Jhewn-Kuang Chen
09:20 – 10:35
Shin Takeuchi (Tokyo University of Science)
Development of quasicrystal science and the major contributions of the late Prof. Tsai to it
Hsu-Wei Fang (Taipei Tech)
Investigation of crystalline and amorphous metal alloys on anti-bacterial activity
Kiyoshi Aoki (Kitami Institute of Technology)
Prof. Tsai’s memories from a friend's perspective
10:35 – 10:50
Coffee Break (Sakura Hall, 2nd Floor, Foyer)
Chair: Hsu-Wei Fang
10:50 – 12:05
Jhewn-Kuang Chen (Taipei Tech)
Optimization of toughness and thermal stability of AZ71 magnesium alloys
Chikashi Nishimura (NIMS)
Works with Prof. An-Pang Tsai: hydrogenation-induced catalysts and …
Chung-Kung Yang (Taipei Tech)
The hybrid of Heusler alloy catalysts for the hydrogen production from ammonia with the intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cells
12:05 – 13:30
Chair: Hidemi Kato
13:30 – 14:20
Eiji Abe (University of Tokyo)
Quasicrystals Research at NIMS : The dream team guided by Prof. An-Pang Tsai
Chia-Chen Li (Taipei Tech)
Interactions among electrode materials of Li-ion batteries
Plenary lecture
Chair: Atsushi Muramatsu
14:30 – 15:30
Dan Shechtman (Israel Institute of Technology, 2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry)
Quasi-periodic crystals ? A paradigm shift in crystallography
15:30 – 16:30
Coffee Break (Sakura Hall, 2nd Floor, Foyer)
16:30 – 18:00
Ceremony (Sakura Hall, 1st Floor) Information & Registration
18:00 – 19:30
Memorial Dinner (Sakura Hall, 1st Floor)
Tuesday, November 26, 2019 : Sakura Hall
Chair: Nobuhisa Fujita
09:00 – 10:10
Satoshi Kameoka (IMRAM, Tohoku University)
Collaborative research with Prof. An-Pang Tsai: Preparation of metallic catalysis materials based on metallurgy
Te-Wei Chiu (Taipei Tech)
Preparation of CuCrO₂ hollow nanofibers from an electrospun Al₂O₃ template
Akio Niikura (UACJ Corporation)
Discovery of icosahedral quasicrystals of Prof. An-Pang Tsai and acknowledgments to him
10:10 – 10:30
Coffee Break (Sakura Hall, 2nd Floor, Foyer)
Chair: Chung-Kung Yang
Noriaki Sato (Nagoya University)
Superconductivity and magnetism in quasicrystals
Po-Chun Chen (Taipei Tech)
Thin film fabrications on application of bioelectronics
Masami Terauchi (IMRAM, Tohoku University)
Exciting experiences of materials research with A.P.Tsai
11:45 – 13:15
Poster session and Lunch
13:15 –
Closing Remarks
Masahiko Takahashi (IMRAM, Tohoku University)
13:30 – 16:30
Laboratory visit to IMRAM, IMR and TFC

Poster Presentation

  1. Yung-Chin Yang (Taipei Tech)
    Developments of calcium sulfate coating on Ti6Al4V substrate by flame spray
  2. Bo Cheng Lai (Taipei Tech)
    Low dielectric constant CaO-B₂O₃-SiO₂ glass ceramics for 5G substrate applications
  3. Jyy-Ning Chen (Taipei Tech)
    The sputtering of Heusler alloy catalyst onto the porous anode of the intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells for ammonia disassociation
  4. Dhinakar Annadurai (Taipei Tech)
    Fatigue behaviour of additive manufactured Ti-6Al-4V cuboctahedron cellular structure
  5. Chuan-Sheng Cho (Taipei Tech)
    Facile approach to the synthesis of core-shelled sulfur composites for lithium-sulfur batteries
  6. Chung-Lun Yu (Taipei Tech)
    CuFeO₂-CeO₂ composite prepared by self-combustion glycine nitrate process and used for hydrogen production for stream reforming of methanol
  7. Sheng-Po Wang (Taipei Tech)
    Ir-cluster decorated Ni@Pd nanocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction in alkaline electrolyte
  8. Hong Wei (Taipei Tech)
    The effect of nanoporous gold on cell viability
  9. Veerappan Mani (Taipei Tech)
    Design and synthesis of nano-interfaces for real-time profiling of endogenous oxidants release in live cells
  1. Ryo Watanabe (Tohoku University)
    ADEM simulation for analysis of compaction behavior of deformable particles
  2. Chihiro Hirayama (Tohoku University)
    Mechanisms of PDI family enzymes in catalysis of disulfide bond introduction into nascent polypeptide chains
  3. Yuxia Zhang (Tohoku University)
    Structural basis of sarco/endoplasmic reticulum Ca2+-ATPase 2b regulation via transmembrane helix interplay
  4. Jhong-Ren Huang (Tohoku University)
    Minor compositional dependence of carrier-sign reversals in icosahedral Al-Cu-Fe
  5. Yudai Shiozawa (Tohoku University)
    Development of in-situ observation system of concentration profile around solidification interface
  6. Takuo Koga (Tohoku University)
    Structural changes in iron-silicate slag by a variation of iron redox state
  7. Haruko Inayoshi (Tohoku University)
    Synthesis of colloidal Zn(Te,S) quantum dots; A candidate for red phosphor in ultra-high-definition television
  8. Tatsuya Watanabe (Tohoku University)
    Development of mist-CVD equipment for β-NaGaO₂ thin-film deposition
  9. Yi-Xin Liu (Tohoku University)
    Catalytic metallic nanoparticles on urchin-like TiO₂ platform prepared from leached L1₂ Al-Ti-TM intermetallics
  10. Cheng Wang (Tohoku University)
    Tunneling magneto-dielectric response enhancement of Co-Sr-F nano-granular thin films with Pd doping by vertical magnetron sputtering device
  11. Moe Kimura (Tohoku University)
    Preparation conditions and magneto-dielectric properties of Co-Al₂O₃ nano-granular films by differential pressure sputtering
  12. Dwiky Rendra Graha Subekti (Tohoku University)
    Observation of tumor suppressor p53 search dynamics using sub-millisecond resolved single molecule fluorescence microscopy
  13. Hiroki Senmaru (Tohoku University)
    Microsecond-resolved observation of F1-ATPase conformational changes by single molecular fluorescence spectroscopy
  14. Trishit Banerjee (Tohoku University)
    Engineering of genome editing protein Cas9 that slide along DNA faster and might enable efficient target search
  15. Keita Mikami (Tohoku University)
    Hydrothermal synthesis of gadolinium borate nanoparticles for boron and gadolinium neutron capture therapy


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