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5th Open Innovation Consortium Symposium in WEB


Date: Friday, September 4, 2020 13:00–19:00 (JST)
Venue: ONLINE – delivery from Internet Association Japan
Web site: LINK

*This Website is written in Japanese


Takafumi Aoki (Tohoku University)
Gishi Chung (Tokyo Electron Limited)
Hiroshi Fujiwara (Chairman & President, CEO BroadBand Tower, Inc. / Internet Research Institute, Inc.)
Atsuhiro Nakagawa (Tohoku University)
Hiroyuki Ogawa (Tohoku University)
Hiromi Sakurai (IoT Run, COO)
Hiroya Shirakawa (Sendai City)
Kurando Takahashi (Aiforce solutions, COO)
Takashi Takekawa (Zero to one, CEO)
Yoichiro Tanaka (Tohoku University)
Katsuya Watanabe (Former Vice Minister for Policy Coordination, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Advisor of Internet Research Institute, Inc.)

Hosted by

Internet Association Japan

Co-hosted by

Tohoku Forum for Creativity, Tohoku University
Intelligent Information System Research Center, Tohoku University

In Association with

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Tohoku Regional Bureau of Telecommunications (requesting)
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry , Tohoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry (requesting)
Public Interest Incorporated Foundation
Sendai Foundation for Applied Information Sciences
Sendai City