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Cancer – from Biology to Acceptance


Program Theme

Cancer has been the leading cause of death since 1981 in Japan, accounting for 30% of all deaths. Therefore, cancer study (understanding of the mechanisms of oncogenesis, improvement of diagnostic technology, and development of transformative therapeutics) is concerned a central problem in medical science.

Cancer has traditionally been viewed as a set of diseases that are driven by the accumulation of genetic mutations that have been considered the major causes of neoplasia. However, this paradigm has now been expanded to incorporate the disruption of epigenetic regulatory mechanisms that are prevalent in cancer. Moreover, cancer is becoming widely understood to be a heterogeneous disease and there is increasing awareness that intratumoral genetic and phenotypic heterogeneities contribute to therapy failure and disease progression. In addition, a tumor is a complex ecosystem containing heterogenous tumor cells, as well as various infiltrating cells that can influence the function of the tumor as a whole. In the cancer ecosystem, individual malignant cells with variations in growth, apoptosis, metabolism, and other “hallmarks of cancer” undergo evolution by selective pressures derived from non-cancer cells, which eventually lead to a failure of the currently available therapies.

Now, cancer scientists try to elucidate these complicated features of cancer and show therapeutic methods to individual patients. Under this condition, it is required to discriminate effective therapy from not effective for each patient, explain them correctly and provide spiritual support to patients.

It would be considered of value to bring together researchers related to cancer from basic medical research to clinical research at Tohoku University, to discuss and share up-to-date knowledge and technologies. Our goals are the advancement of science and technology in cancer science and application of clinical setting, as well as building a motivated team of cancer research.

Events  [May 08, 2019 Updated]

Pre-event: The Kick-Off Symposium of Advanced Graduate Program for Future Medicine & Health Care  [Feb. 22, 2019 Updated]
(March 5, 2019 – March 7, 2019)

International Symposium 1: Cancer Etiology  [Sep. 13, 2019 Updated]
(September 24, 2019 – September 25, 2019)

International Symposium 2: New Technology for Diagnosis and Therapeutics of Cancer  [Nov. 01, 2019 Updated]
(December 2, 2019 – December 3, 2019)

International Symposium 3: Clinical Research and Supportive Therapy  [Jan. 16, 2020 Updated]
(January 18, 2020 – January 19, 2020)

Public Lecture: What is Rinsho-Shukyo-Shi? The Leading Edge of Spiritual Care  [Dec. 24, 2019 Updated]
(February 1, 2020)

Organizers  [May 09, 2019 Updated]

Keiko Nakayama
(Professor, Graduate School of Medicine, Tohoku University)

Junken Aoki
(Professor, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tohoku University)

Kohsuke Gonda
(Professor, Graduate School of Medicine, Tohoku University)

Mitsunori Miyashita
(Professor, Graduate School of Medicine, Tohoku University)

Kazuhiko Igarashi
(Professor, Graduate School of Medicine, Tohoku University)

Yoshiaki Ito
(Professor, National University of Singapore)

Poster  [May 09, 2019 Updated]

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In cooperation with  [May 08, 2019 Updated]

Advanced Graduate Program for Future Medicine and Health Care, Tohoku University