Information for Visitors



Following is the list of hotels near the Center.

West Exit (Sendai Station)
Hotel name Contact
1Hotel Sumireh TEL : +81-22-222-8100
2The Westin Sendai TEL : +81-22-722-1234
3Hotel Bel Air Sendai TEL : +81-22-217-8511
4Sendai Kokusai Hotel TEL : +81-22-268-1111
5Hotel Pearl City Sendai TEL : +81-22-262-8711
6Hotel Foliage Sendai TEL : +81-22-221-3939
7Hotel Unisite Sendai TEL : +81-22-716-0123
8Hotel Central Sendai TEL : +81-22-711-4111
9Library Hotel Sendai-Ekimae TEL : +81-22-212-5011
10Comfort Hotel Sendai West TEL : +81-22-217-7112
11Sendai Washington Hotel TEL : +81-22-745-2222
12APA Villa Hotel 〈Sendai Itsutsubashi〉 TEL : +81-22-266-3111
13Hotel Metropolitan Sendai TEL : +81-22-268-2525
14Richmond Hotel Premier Sendai Ekimae TEL : +81-22-716-2855
15Hotel Premium Green Plus TEL : +81-22-212-1255
16Dormy Inn EXPRESS Sendai Hirosedori TEL : +81-22-715-7077
17Dormy Inn Sendai ANNEX TEL : +81-22-715-7333
18Mitsui Garden Hotel Sendai TEL : +81-22-214-1131
19Library Hotel Higashi-Nibancho TEL : +81-22-221-7666
20Dormy Inn Sendai Ekimae TEL : +81-22-715-5489
21Hotel Monte Hermana Sendai TEL : +81-22-721-7501
22Hotel JAL City Sendai TEL : +81-22-711-2580
23Richmond hotel sendai TEL : +81-22-722-0055
Kokubun-cho(Down Town)
Hotel name Contact
1Hotel Grand Terrace Sendai Kokubuncho TEL : +81-22-262-7755
2Smile Hotel Sendai Kokubuncho TEL : +81-22-261-7711
3Super Hotel Inn Sendai Kokubuncho TEL : +81-22-722-9000
East Exit (Sendai Station)
Hotel name Contact
1Holiday Inn ANA Sendai TEL : +81-22-256-5111
2Hotel Metropolitan Sendai East TEL : +81-22-268-2525
3Daiwa Roynet Hotel Sendai TEL : +81-22-293-7055
4Hotel Leopalace Sendai TEL : +81-22-706-0001
5Toyoko INN Sendai East Building 1 TEL : +81-22-256-1045

*There is no information available in English on their websites.

University House Katahira

In addition, we would like to draw the attention of program organizers to the availability of
apartments in University House Katahira. The TFC have reserved a number of fully furnished
apartments which can be used any time during the year.
This accommodation option may be particularly appropriate for long-term guests.

Please contact us if you’d like further information. >> contact