TFC Co–Hosted or Nominally Supported Events

The TFC shall provide the following support for co–hosted or nominally supported events.

· Using the facilities of the TOKYO ELECTRON House of Creativity
· Using the logo of the Tohoku Forum for Creativity

The applicants who would like to apply for Co–Hosted or Nominally Supported events should submit an application.

· Application Form
– Download´╝ÜJapanese version [PDF] / [Word]
– Download´╝ÜEnglish version [PDF] / [Word]

Applications should be submitted online to the e–mail address below one month before the events is due to be held:

creativity* (change * to @)

The TFC staff will inform the applicants of the decision.

The event organizer whose events are admitted as TFC co–hosted events or TFC nominally supported events must indicate clearly on the flyer, poster, and other materials that the event is co–hosted or nominally supported by the TFC, and use the TFC logo.