About TFC


Tadahiro Hayasaka, Director,
Tohoku University Executive Vice President (for Research)

The Tohoku Forum for Creativity (TFC) holds many scientific programs every year in order to contributing to “the creation of the world’s highest standard of knowledge” and “leading the change to open up the future”, as outlined in the vision of President Hideo Ohno, the new President of Tohoku University.

The Tohoku Forum for Creativity’s Thematic Programs operate a number of academic activities in various fields of study based on fundamental research which are necessary for the existing of human society, in order to solving the challenge for creating the better future, and responding for the global development of academic knowledges. In each Thematic Program, invited world-leading researchers visit Tohoku University for a period of between one and three months to conduct collaborative research and present in workshops, conferences, and symposiums at the TOKYO ELECTRON House of Creativity and other campus of the university. In this way, the TFC provides a highly suitable environment for researchers to collaborate at Japan’s first international visitor research institute. The TFC’s activities also aim to develop the next generation of global research leaders by creating a wide array of opportunities for talented junior researchers, including students, allowing them to interact and discuss their ideas with eminent scholars.

The TFC has also implemented a Junior Research Program, which provides talented young researchers with the opportunity to organize workshops.

In addition, the TFC organized “the Falling Walls Lab Sendai” in collaboration with the Falling Walls Foundation of Germany, and “Discovery Events for Aspiring Female Scientists”, which was aimed at developing capable female researchers with the ability to create an affluent future society.

The TFC also promotes the future of Japanese research with the “Quattro Seminars”, which gather together young researchers in the fields of humanities and social sciences to discuss the seeds of cross-disciplinary work, and by the “Emerging Perspectives Programs”, a seminar series devoted to cutting-edge fields of research.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude, not only for the great efforts of those involved in the promotion of these programs, but also for the invaluable support and cooperation that we have received from Tokyo Electron Limited since the very beginning of this project.

In the future, Tohoku University aims to contribute even more to facilitate international research and education. The TFC is expected to play a central role in this endeavor, and we will continue to work towards achieving that goal while soliciting opinions and advice from all of our stakeholders. Accordingly, I ask for your continued cooperation and support.