About TFC



The Tohoku Forum for Creativity (TFC) is an international visitor research institute which was established in 2013 at Tohoku University to facilitate collaborative research. In order to identify important problems across all of the sciences and humanities, the TFC brings together both junior and senior researchers in a stimulating environment that promotes creative approaches to new and interdisciplinary research areas.

The TFC especially encourages junior researchers, such as graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, to participate in the thematic programs. Through discussions and close contact with distinguished researchers, including Nobel Laureates and Fields Medalists, junior researchers will be stimulated to develop their own original ideas and to eventually become pioneers in new research areas.

A Fellowship of Knowledge which Contributes to the Solution of the Major Issues Faced by Humanity

The TFC calls for thematic programs from throughout the world covering all academic domains, from the humanities and social sciences to the natural sciences. The TFC then selects themes for concentrated discussions over a three-month period, for which leading international researchers are invited to Tohoku University to develop new areas of research and to contribute to the solution of the major problems facing humanity, through joint research and the hosting of international symposiums. Furthermore, the TFC provides an ideal location for the promotion of interdisciplinary cooperation across a diverse range of research areas in order to tackle the increasingly advanced and complex issues facing society.

Educating Global Leaders to Build the Future of Humanity

The TFC will establish itself as a center for the cultivation of international research leaders, by promoting the participation of junior researchers from throughout the world in our thematic programs. In this way, the TFC will foster an environment in which young researchers can interact closely with world class researchers.

Contributing to Society by Sharing Academic Advances

The TFC provides opportunities for intellectual exchange between participating researchers and the general public, including the children who will lead society in the future, through the planning and hosting of public events. This initiative aims to promote the sharing of knowledge, further internationalization, and the development of a prosperous society, by providing opportunities for the public to interact directly with world-leading researchers.