Junior Research Programs

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[2022HUS] August 2022

Human Sociality: Comparative Studies of Social Evolution and Historical Dynamics

Humans are highly social animals, often referred to as "cooperative species". Our abilities to cooperate even with unknown individuals at a huge scale have been claimed as a part of human uniqueness. These...

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[2020GRV] August 2020 – March 2023

Dawn of Gravitational-wave Cosmology and Theory of Gravity

Gravitational waves, of which the existence was first predicted by Albert Einstein in 1916, waited 100 years to finally confront direct detection in 2015. This discovery implies that we have acquired a new “eye” to...

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[2019FME] June 2019

The Future of Materials Engineering - Dramatic Innovation to the next 100 years

It has been only about 100 years since the model of atom was introduced by Bohr. Since then, our knowledge of Materials Science and Engineering has progressed remarkably. Nowadays, we can control phenomena at…

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[2017DCI] January 2018 – March 2018

Political and Social Dynamics of Crisis and Innovation in Japan, Asia and the World

Facing globalization, many advanced countries struggle to readjust their social, economic and political institutions to address the challenges imposed by financial crises, shrinking populations, and global…

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[2017NMM] May 2017 – August 2017

Nanostructured Magnetic Materials: Challenges for Next-Generation Materials

Magnetic materials are widely used in our daily lives and they play a major role in improving the efficiency and performance of electric and electronic devices such as motors, transformers and mobile phones. Th…

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[2016JRP] July 2016 – August 2016

Interdisciplinary Approach to the Protection of Human Rights: Building Integrated Networks between Academic, State and Societal Actors

Human rights issues such as migration and human trafficking often evolve at the nexus of political and military conflicts and global economic and societal change. At the same time, regional organizations...

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