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Evolving and Emerging Redox Biology and Bioenergetics for Medicine and Human Health

Redox biology is rapidly evolving and running into an emerging new era in life science. It is not merely dealing with disease-oriented issues affecting human health but also with the most fundamental aspect...

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Insights Into Human History in the Eurasian Stone Age: Recent Developments in Archaeology, Palaeoanthropology, and Genetics

Recent archaeological, palaeoanthropological and genetic studies indicate that two archaic humans (Neanderthals and Denisovans) lived in Central Asia after c. 130,000 years ago, and anatomically modern...

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Frontier of Understanding Earth's Interior and Dynamics

The interior of the Earth remains a mystery. It is some 6400 km to the center of the Earth, but we have only drilled 12 km in the crust deep and not yet reached the mantle. Geobiologists have found micro...

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POST 2011 Tohoku triple disaster: Lessons and their global application on multi-hazards and cascading disasters

This program will discuss the post 2011 strategy as a memorial event of the 2011 Great East Japan triple disasters (earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident) that pointed out the importance of mitigating...

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Quantum–Annealing–Based High–Performance Computing – Optimizing Real–World Systems

Large–scale combinatorial optimization problems are becoming ever more important in various fields such as disaster prevention, finance, logistics/traffic, medicine, or state–of–the–art technologies like...

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