Thematic Programs

Environmental and Financial Risks in Market-oriented Societies


Program Theme

Life is full of risks, and, in recent decades, we have confronted an unprecedented scale of natural disasters, environmental problems and financial crises, which have had devastating effects on people’s lives. Therefore, risks are considered important research agendas among policymakers and researchers. Against this background, our program will identify environmental and financial risks, and study how people in market-oriented societies react to these risks and prepare for such uncertainty. We hope that this program will help minimize costs incurred from such unexpected events in the private sector. In order to conduct comprehensive analyses, we provide the first platform for initiating research collaboration between environmental and financial economists and sharing of research experiences around the world.


6th Seminar: Infection and its Impacts on Society –Past, Present and Future– [Dec. 01, 2020 Updated]
(November 05, 2020)

Young Researchers Meeting on Environmental Risks  [Nov. 05, 2020 Updated]
(December 16, 2020)

Young Researchers Meeting on Social Risks [Dec. 21, 2020 Updated]
(January 20, 2021)

Collaborative Online Program with the University of East Anglia, UK [Feb. 26, 2021 Updated]
(March 16, 2021 / April 27, 2021)

Connect the World Project - Regional Impact of COVID-19 [May. 18, 2021 Updated]
(April 8, 2021 / May 27, 2021)

Researchers Meeting on Global Risks  [Mar. 26, 2021 Updated]
(May 28, 2021)

Public lecture on Global Risks
(TBD, 2021)

Tutorial on statistical methods
(TBD, 2021)

Workshops in Environmental Risks
(TBD, 2021)

Workshops in Financial Risks
(TBD, 2021)

Workshops in Environmental and Financial Risks
(TBD, 2021)


Jun Nagayasu
(Professor, Graduate School of Economics & Management, Tohoku University)

Akira Hibiki
(Professor, Graduate School of Economics & Management, Tohoku University)


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