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Future Society Design Programs

Conditions and Information

Conditions of application

The Tohoku Forum for Creativity is pleased to announce a new industry-academia collaboration program, the "Future Society Design Program".

The Center has been supporting the establishment of international and interdisciplinary academic research networks through various events, with the aim of creating new knowledge that will open up the future of human society. Utilizing this experience, Future Society Design Programs will support the establishment of an international and interdisciplinary research network on industrial technology and provide opportunities in which engineers and researchers can work together to tackle social problems, regardless of whether they are from within or without the university, or from within or without Japan.

The program will also create opportunities for communication with the general public and young students to identify the potential of industrial technologies as well as their implications from the viewpoint of ethical, social, and legal issues (ELSI). Thus, this program will support the creation of industrial technology designs that will realize a better future society through international and interdisciplinary industry-academia-citizen collaborations.

The organizers have the freedom to choose whether the program will be held in the academic year of 2022 or 2023, which should be clearly written in the proposal.

Location and Language of the Programs

All events in this program will be held at Tohoku University, while online events will be delivered from Tohoku University. In the case of long-term visitors, they will be asked to stay in Sendai and collaborate with Tohoku University researchers. All events in the program will be given in English or Japanese.


- Financial Support

The TFC will provide a budget of up to 3 million yen for successful proposals. If organizers can obtain financial support from companies or grant foundations, we will ask them to add it to their budget.

- Support by Dedicated Staff

The TFC will support the management of the program from all aspects, including program formulation, procedures for inviting researchers, and publicity of the events.

- Support for Holding Online Events

The Tohoku Forum for Creativity has organized numerous online events, including seminars and workshops and will draw on this experience to support the management of online events.

Use of the TOKYO ELECTRON House of Creativity

The Tokyo ELECTRON House of Creativity can be used as a venue for symposiums and workshops.

Application Deadline

Monday, November 1, 2021

Information about Selection

The proposals are to be selected by the Committee for Tohoku Forum for Creativity of Tohoku University. The results will be sent to the organizers once the final decision has been made in the middle of December 2021.

Application Requirements

Proposals should be written in English or Japanese.
An organizer team consisting of two to five researchers is required to apply. The composition of the organizer team must meet the following conditions:

1. the main organizer must be a researcher enrolled at Tohoku University (at the time of application).
2. at least one organizer from a company must be included.
3. it is desirable to include researchers from different research fields (at least two research fields)

*The organizer must submit a final report within one month after the completion of the program. They are also required to make a presentation on the activities and results of the program at a debriefing session to be held after the completion of the program.