Propose a Program

Junior Research Programs

Conditions and Information

Conditions of application

When preparing a proposal, the following conditions must be met:

Each program should have a team of organizers consisting of 2-5 researchers.

  • The main organizer (proposer of the program) must have completed their final academic degree within the past 10 years.
  • The main organizer must be a researcher working at Tohoku University (at the time of application).
  • The team of organizers must include at least one researcher belonging to a university or research institute outside of Japan.
  • The team of organizers must include researchers majoring in different research fields (a minimum of two research fields per team).

The program will be held at Tohoku University. Specifically, all of the events will be held at Tohoku University, and the long-term stay visitors will stay in Sendai and work with researchers at Tohoku University.

The proposals should be written in English, and the working language in the program should be English.

Information about selection

The proposals are to be received and selected following the same schedule and selection procedure as the thematic programs. The deadline for submissions is Aug. 31 2021, and the results will be sent to the organizers once the final decision has been made (in the beginning of January 2022).

Successful proposals will be selected by the TFC’s International Advisory Board (IAB), who will meet once each year to evaluate junior research program proposals. During the final stage of the evaluation process, you may be required to give an oral presentation about your proposal to the IAB. The successful proposal will likely be developed through a process of discussion between the proposers and the IAB, mediated by the TFC director.

The organizers have the freedom to choose whether the program will be held in the academic years of 2022 or 2023, which should be clearly written in the proposal.

Collaboration with the TFC

After the evaluation of the junior research programs, the organizers will work together with the TFC program coordinators to develop the programs further, in accordance with the TFC’s aims and objectives.

At each event within the junior research program, the organizers will acknowledge the contribution which the TFC has made, and will give a brief description of the TFC’s activities to the participants.

The TFC encourages participants to acknowledge the support of the TFC in papers based on research developed during the programs, and welcomes conference proceedings based on the programs.

The TFC’s video recordings of the participants’ lectures will become the intellectual property of the TFC, unless participants specifically ask not to be recorded.

Organizers’ Duty

The organizers of the junior research program must submit a final report on their activities within a month after the end of the program. Concrete future plans, such as the development and transmission of their research outside of Japan based on the collaborative networks with invited researchers established during the program, must be shown in the final report.

The TFC will hold a report meeting after the junior research program has been completed. The organizers must join this meeting and give a presentation about their activities and future plans. The meeting will include a Q & A session.