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Thematic Programs

Submission Guidelines for Thematic Programs

Now Call for Proposals for the Thematic Programs for Implementation in AY2026

The TFC is currently seeking proposals for the Thematic Programs for the 2026 academic year (April 2026 – March 2027) in all fields of research, including social sciences, humanities, physical sciences, engineering, and life sciences.

The Thematic Programs are typically proposed two years in advance and are selected by the International Advisory Board.

Application Deadline

The Deadline for submitting a program proposal is September 16, 2024.

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Application Form

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Three Goals of Thematic Programs

The Thematic Programs have the following three goals:

  1. to create new research “themes” or directions that can lead us to the solution of socially and scientifically significant problems
  2. to deepen international and interdisciplinary research collaboration and exchange with different researchers from different backgrounds
  3. to promote the development of young researchers through their active participation in the program.

When writing your proposal, please make sure to include sufficient detail about how you intend to achieve the above goals, with whom, and through what type of events or activities.

Application Requirements

When preparing a proposal, the following conditions must be met:

Organizer Requirement

Max. 6 organizers, including at least:

  • one researcher affiliated with Tohoku University (does not have to be the main organizer)
  • two researchers affiliated with universities outside Japan

* Different researchers from different field should be assigned to ensure interdisciplinarity.
* Gender–diversity should be taken into consideration.

Venue Requirement

All of the events in the program should be held in principle at Tohoku University. It is desirable that the long–term visitors stay in Sendai and work with researchers at Tohoku University.

Language Requirement

The proposals should be written in English, and the working language in the program should be English.

Confirmation of Invited Researchers Availability to Visit or Participate Required

In the case of the long–term stay researchers and distinguished researchers you intend to invite to participate in your program and whose names you include in your proposal, we will require some form of evidence that they have agreed to participate in your program (e.g., e–mails accepting an invitation, etc.) prior to the evaluation by the International Advisory Board.

*Programs that are judged not to be meeting the goals of the TFC may have their program budget reduced accordingly; for example, if there are few or no long–term stay researchers in the program, etc.

TFC Suggestions for Improvement May Occur

Prior to acceptance, the TFC may make suggestions to improve the quality of the program, and we expect that the program proposers to be receptive to our advice.

Result Notification

The results of the selection will be sent to the organizers once the final decision has been made (in the beginning of January 2025).