Propose a Program

Thematic Programs

Points to Keep in Mind

Duties of Program Organizers

Work Well with the TFC Program Coordinator to Plan and Manage the Program.

After the evaluation of the thematic programs by the International Advisory Board, the organizers are required to develop the program further in accordance with the TFC's goals. For this purpose, good cooperation with the TFC Program Coordinators is expected from the organizers.


At each event within the thematic program, the organizers are expected to acknowledge the contribution which the TFC has made, and will give a brief description of the TFC's activities to the participants.

The TFC encourages participants to acknowledge the support of TFC in papers based on research developed during programs, and welcomes conference proceedings based on the programs.

Final Report

The organizers of the Thematic Programs are required to submit a final report on their activities within one month of the program's termination.

The TFC will hold a report meeting after the thematic program has been completed. The organizers must join this meeting and give a presentation about their activities and future plans. The meeting will include a Q & A session.

Attribution of Intellectual Property

The TFC's video recordings of participants' lectures will become the intellectual property of the TFC, unless participants specifically ask not to be recorded.