Design Hub for our Future Society

TFC×TEL Collaboration Program: Designing a Digital and Sustainable Society


Program Theme

Digital technologies have generated profound impacts in every aspect of human lives in the past decades. The Digital Revolution has accelerated globalization and powered advances in economic, communication, medical and educational developments.

On the other hand, rapid globalization has brought about various problems that could jeopardize basic human rights. For example, the economic development of industrialization requires a sustainable environment plan for long–term prosperity. Digital inequality and poverty are among the new challenges we must identify and address in the Digital Era. One of the keys is how to build an inclusive and resilient society in which humans live in harmony with the environment. It is never more urgent than now to consider how digital technology can contribute to reducing the environmental burden and regenerating the environment.

Based on this awareness of the above issues, this program promotes three integrated projects (Future Society Design Lab, Social Implementation Project, and Industry–Academia Collaborative Exploration Project) with the aim of designing a sustainable future society that respects diversity, in collaboration with Tohoku Forum for Creativity and Tokyo Electron Limited.


Industry–Academia Collaboration, Seminar Series on the Management Practices of SDGs and Digital Transformation (DX) for Local Companies
(June 22, 2022 – March 20, 2023)

TEL & TFC Collaboration Workshop´╝ÜDesigning a Digital and Sustainable Society
(September 27, 2022 – September 30, 2022)

International Symposium on Design for the Sustainable Society via Digital Technology – Cooperated by Digital Transformation, Semiconductor, and Manufacturing –
(February 2, 2023 – February 3, 2023)


TFC×TEL Special Site (in Japanese)


Yasuhiro Fukushima
(Tohoku University)

Kazuyo Matsubae
(Tohoku University)

Kiyotaka Naoe
(Tohoku University)

Yasunari Takaura
(Tohoku University)

Yasunori Yamanouchi
(Tohoku University)

Masato Morishima
(Tokyo Electron Limited)

Mitsuyuki Yamaguchi
(Tokyo Electron Limited)


Yoshihiko Horio
(Tohoku University)

Shigeo Sato
(Tohoku University)

Yuji Ogino
(Tokyo Electron Limited)

Co–hosted by

Center for Science, Technology and Well–being Research (Graduate School of Arts and Letters) Tohoku University